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Project Areas We Focus On
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Written by Steve Ujvarosy   


Project Areas we Focus on

Water & Sanitation

Health and Medical


Disadvantaged Populations


Water & Sanitation

Access to clean water and effective sanitation facilities are a major need for many rural families and nomadic families who move to the city in search of work.


water wells for various locations

* orphanages and child care centers

* prisons, where many prisoners had been suffering from intestinal diseases due to the lack of clean water

* areas within the urban areas of Ulaanbaatar, where residents had been walking several miles each day to obtain their water needs, particularly difficult during the long winter months!

Water Tanks for underserved communities


Health and Medical

Proper medical care and the access to effective treatment is restricted by the lack of proper medical equipment and technology.  This need not be high tech equipment but things the western world take for granted


Syringe Pumps for the First Maternity Hospital (collaborating with Japanese Rotary Clubs)

Syringe Pumps for the Mother and Child Hospital, (collaborating with clubs from Korea, Taiwan and Japan)

Micro Surgical  Equipment for the National Trauma Center

Optical microscope for State Hospital

Container of medical equipment and supplies distributed to six different hospitals in Ulaanbaatar, donated by various clubs from Ohio through MESA.

Pharmaceutical equipment from Switzerland, distributed to various hospitals.

Hearing aids from Switzerland, donated to children in the countryside, to allow them to attend schools.

Specialized Equipment for the National Cancer Hospital



The educational opportunities of the majority of the population is hampered by the lack of teachers, teaching materials and resources.  The poor and disabled see even less opportunity.


Ger for Disabled Classroom (with Dutch community in Mongolia)

Kindergarten equipment for children of prison staff in an outlying area, where otherwise, staff could not move there without schooling for their children.

Books donated to school for street children – (donated by Lawrence Kansas Club USA)

Scholarship for talented students to study in Germany. (supported by German Clubs)


Disadvantaged Populations

Ger for Disabled classroom with Disabled access

Gardening equipment and greenhouse for orphanage

Playground and van as well as kitchen equipment for orphanage,  also catering to the children in a very poor area of Ulaanbaatar city, donated by RC of Sendai, Japan.

Van for transportation of disadvantaged young women.







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