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Desert Rose Van
News - Projects
Written by Steve Ujvarosy   

Desert Rose Shelter was created for homeless girls living on the street in the fall of 2007 when Mary Patterson opened the Shelter.  She and her staff have cared for over 30 girls, helping them learn living skills, take classes, provide shelter, food and medical care.  They have partnered with medical staff and the police identification center to provide services at little or no cost. Her dedication to the shelter and homeless children can be seen in the three Mongolian children she has adopted. The shelter is funded by donations.

The problem was that they had no van to pick up the homeless girls or to take them to classes, medical appointments, give food parcels, or do home visits. This project provided the van plus fuel and insurance for one year at a cost of $19,300.

The project was coordinated by the Ottawa Sunrise Rotary club with the funding raised from 4 clubs and 2 district grants.




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Project Areas We Focus On
News - Projects
Written by Steve Ujvarosy   


Project Areas we Focus on

Water & Sanitation

Health and Medical


Disadvantaged Populations


Water & Sanitation

Access to clean water and effective sanitation facilities are a major need for many rural families and nomadic families who move to the city in search of work.


water wells for various locations

* orphanages and child care centers

* prisons, where many prisoners had been suffering from intestinal diseases due to the lack of clean water

* areas within the urban areas of Ulaanbaatar, where residents had been walking several miles each day to obtain their water needs, particularly difficult during the long winter months!

Water Tanks for underserved communities


Health and Medical

Proper medical care and the access to effective treatment is restricted by the lack of proper medical equipment and technology.  This need not be high tech equipment but things the western world take for granted


Syringe Pumps for the First Maternity Hospital (collaborating with Japanese Rotary Clubs)

Syringe Pumps for the Mother and Child Hospital, (collaborating with clubs from Korea, Taiwan and Japan)

Micro Surgical  Equipment for the National Trauma Center

Optical microscope for State Hospital

Container of medical equipment and supplies distributed to six different hospitals in Ulaanbaatar, donated by various clubs from Ohio through MESA.

Pharmaceutical equipment from Switzerland, distributed to various hospitals.

Hearing aids from Switzerland, donated to children in the countryside, to allow them to attend schools.

Specialized Equipment for the National Cancer Hospital



The educational opportunities of the majority of the population is hampered by the lack of teachers, teaching materials and resources.  The poor and disabled see even less opportunity.


Ger for Disabled Classroom (with Dutch community in Mongolia)

Kindergarten equipment for children of prison staff in an outlying area, where otherwise, staff could not move there without schooling for their children.

Books donated to school for street children – (donated by Lawrence Kansas Club USA)

Scholarship for talented students to study in Germany. (supported by German Clubs)


Disadvantaged Populations

Ger for Disabled classroom with Disabled access

Gardening equipment and greenhouse for orphanage

Playground and van as well as kitchen equipment for orphanage,  also catering to the children in a very poor area of Ulaanbaatar city, donated by RC of Sendai, Japan.

Van for transportation of disadvantaged young women.







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Syringe Pumps for 1st Maternity Hospital
News - Projects
Written by Steve Ujvarosy   

In order to improve the care for newborns the Rotary Clubs of Kadoma and Central Osaka collaborated with Bayanzurkh 100 to deliver 10 Syringe Pumps to the staff of the First Maternity Hospital of Ulaanbaatar on  August 11, 2010. This is the only intensive care center in Mongolia for small babies and it is very difficult to manually administer the right dosage of medication at the correct time intervals. Syringe pumps can do this far more accurately and save the lives of small children.

This was an important addition to their quality of care and more syringe pumps are needed.


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Water - A Gift for Life
Written by Roel Bazuin   

Darkhan Hills High Security Prison officially opened its new well on Tuesday November 27 2007. This well project was initiated by Prison Fellowship Mongolia in conjunction with Bayanzurkh 100 Rotary Club of Ulaanbaatar. Click here for evaluation report

Rotary International has been focusing on clean water supplies around the world and in 2006 Japanese visitors to Mongolia from Osaka Rotary Clubs successfully raised matching finance to sponsor this  Darkhan Hills Prison Well.

Funds were received from Japanese Rotary Clubs:
* Moriguchi Evening Rotary Club
* Shijonawate 600 Rotary Club Osaka
* Chayamachi Rotary Club
* Ibaraki-West District 2660
And The International Rotary Foundation and BayanZurkh 100 RC of UB

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Water Well Project Khan Uul District
Written by Steve Ujvarosy   

People are gathered and given awareness that if they come together and work together they can make their lives better. They are helped to see that it is only by coming together they can make their economic base more productive. The project is an effort to make people self-reliant and get organized to restructure their lives themselves.

Since there is no running water in this village, all water has to come from deep wells. The building of the bakery does not have it's own deep well, so water has to be transported from another place, all the time, which is time and energy-consuming.

This project dug a deep well next to the bakery building that applied for funding from the Rotary Club.

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