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Mongon Mort Water Well
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Written by Steve Ujvarosy   

Mongon Mort Prison urgently needs a well to obtain a  fresh water supply.

It is located about 250 miles away from Ulaanbaatar, the capital of Mongolia. Presently the water is obtained from a polluted stream and in winter, ice is cut in blocks from the frozen river and pulled by hand carts to the prison where approximately 300 inmates are housed. The local communities house another 4-500 people who would access to the fresh water well. Skin and gastric ailments are prevalent.

There is no budget from the government of Mongolia for this remote location. Estimates have been obtained and the total cost for the construction would come to about US$16,000.  We are looking for co-funding from various clubs in order to achieve this high amount. It is a very urgent requirement and we hope to find generous donors to alleviate this terrible situation.

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