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Latest News and Opportunities

The latest news and opportunities from Bayanzurkh 100

Mongon Mort Water Well
News - Latest News and Opportunities
Written by Steve Ujvarosy   

Mongon Mort Prison urgently needs a well to obtain a  fresh water supply.

It is located about 250 miles away from Ulaanbaatar, the capital of Mongolia. Presently the water is obtained from a polluted stream and in winter, ice is cut in blocks from the frozen river and pulled by hand carts to the prison where approximately 300 inmates are housed. The local communities house another 4-500 people who would access to the fresh water well. Skin and gastric ailments are prevalent.

There is no budget from the government of Mongolia for this remote location. Estimates have been obtained and the total cost for the construction would come to about US$16,000.  We are looking for co-funding from various clubs in order to achieve this high amount. It is a very urgent requirement and we hope to find generous donors to alleviate this terrible situation.

Sukhbaatar Aimag Soccer Field
News - Latest News and Opportunities
Written by Steve Ujvarosy   

Sukhbaatar Aimag is far from the Captial City Ulaanbaatar in the southeast corner near the Chinese border.  The children of this remote loaction are far from the minds of the government officials and the area has few facilities and development opportunities.

A Dutch coach has started a football (soccer) program on a dusty patch outside the city.  Their dream is to build a proper pitch (field) for these children who have few recreational and personal growth opportunities. There are many more children able to benefit from this facility.

Total project costs (estimated): $18,600

1. Rental of a 100x60 meter site near the city center will be provided by the Aimag government

2. Preparation of the soil and gravel works approx. cost $   1,000

3. 4m high fence approx. cost: $12,800

4. Soccer Goals approx. cost:  $   300

5. Lighting approx. cost:  $ 3,000

6. Transportation of building- materials, electricity, etc. approx. cost:  $ 1,500

Link to a more detailed Project Description

Children + Gardening = Nutrition + life skills + lifestyle
News - Latest News and Opportunities
Written by Steve Ujvarosy   


Children + Gardening = Nutrition + life skills + lifestyle

Finding affordable vegetables in Mongolia can be challenging, especially if you are a child center (and orphanage) caring for abandoned children.  Lotus Child Center in Ulaanbaatar has started a gardening program which will teach gardening skills and produce healthy products to feed the more than 20 children and their caretakers.

The Sovereign Harbour Rotary Club of East Sussex England caught the vision and raised funds which were matched by their district and are working with The Bayanzurkh 100 Rotary Club of Ulaanbaater to coordinate the Project.  These funds will buy tools, seeds and equipment for the Garden.  Rotarian Anne Hardy from the Sovereign Harbour club volenteered at the Center in April & May 2011 through New Choice Mongolia.

The growing season in Mongolia is short and the long term goal is to construct a green house to extend the growing season.

In a previous project the Bayanzurkh 100 Club collaborated to drill a well to supply the children with clean water.

Link to more detailed information on this project

Last Updated on Thursday, 12 May 2011 10:27
National Trauma Hospital Hand Surgery Instruments
News - Latest News and Opportunities
Written by Roel Bazuin   

After a period of volunteering (October 2010) at the National Trauma Hospital, in the Hand Surgery Section of the Orthopaedic Department, I have observed that though the surgeons are extremely dedicated and hard working, that they need more and better instruments to carry on their work. Such tasks as replanting amputated parts, or restoring circulation, often need very fine instruments. Their already admirable results would be further improved had they new appropriate sized instruments. The hand surgeons under the leadership of Dr. Burged, and the overall chairmanship of Dr. Batzorig, were extremely grateful for assistance in their obtaining these new instruments.


Robert R. Schenck,
MD Professor Emeritus
Section of Hand Surgery & Dept. of Plastic Surgery Rush University Chicago, IL

Dr Schenck personally acquired some of these instruments and sent them to Ulaanbaatar with Rotary member Steve Ujvarosy.  They were presented to Dr. Burged in May 2011.

[Estimated cost $2,000]

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